Bestmax Smart Water filtration system Kit 25


Wega adopts a new treatment for perfect water.

Developed to serve an excellent coffee, the Bestmax SMART filtering system guarantees water of an extraordinary sensorial quality.

Thanks to the highest filtering level provided by the IEX booster, Bestmax SMART assures:

– Optimal filtering capacity
– Maximum efficiency
– Lengthy duration
– Compact filter dimensions

Besides limiting lime formation, the water gets best mineralised thanks to a further developed bypass technology.

The Bestmax SMART filtering system consists of a filtering cartridge with “besthead” screw-in connection head.

Depending on water hardness and installation requirements, the bypass gets adjusted (0-3) on the filtering head.

A check valve on the input side prevents backflow and uncontrollable water leaks. The Bestmax SMART filtering system for food processing use is safe and resistant to pressure, and can be used with drinking water of any type.

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