Wega Max 6.4 Manual Doser Espresso


The most popular among Wega’s commercial grinders for medium to large commercial coffee operations is the Wega Max 6.4 with manual doser. It offers incredible value for money despite its large capacity and good grind quality, thanks to its 64mm flat burrs.

This model features a manual doser, which will allow you to pre-grind coffee in batches, using a switch on the side, and then dose singles or doubles with a flick of the aluminium lever. Thanks to its micrometric, stepless adjustment, it will also allow you to perfectly dial in your shots.

If you’re looking for an affordable espresso grinder to provide ample volumes for a medium to large or growing cafe, look no further than the Wega Max 6.4 Espresso Grinder.


  • Includes manual doser
  • Micrometric (stepless) adjustment
  • Suitable for small to medium volume commercial coffee operations

Available colours: Black

Availability: 1 in stock

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