Wega Mininova Classic EMA 1


Wega espresso machines and grinders are the work-horses of the espresso world. They are known to offer functionality that would otherwise cost much more in other brands, while still being robustly built and able to handle high volumes.

Wega Mininova Classic EMA 1

This espresso machine is ideal for your home, Villa, office or small restaurant.
Automatic mechanical lever operated espresso coffee machine.


  • An individual visible unit with standard height of 82 mm (distance from the dispensing spout to the cup-support grid).
  • A steam nozzle and a hot water dispensing nozzle, both manual and fitted with retro-style knobs.
  • Standard self-levelling.
  • Vibration pump.
  • 1 inner tank, 1,7 l.
  • Direct connection to the water mains for water supply.
  • Inlet water pressure regulator.
  • 2-l boiler with two exchangers.
  • Decalcification system.
  • Upper cup-support grid with plexiglass.
  • To enhance the style of this machine, new wooden finishes were created for the water knob, steam knob, filter carrier and levers.

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