Our Story

We are a Mauritian Coffee Roasting Company. We source high-grade Arabica beans from reputable fair-trade growers and roast them to develop their unique origin flavours. We are coffee enthusiasts, we appreciate what is meaningful and we are happy to share our passion for great-tasting coffee with you.

Fair Trade

Fairtrade  is an ethical certification whose main aim is to promote more equality and sustainability in the farming sector.  A product that carries the Fairtrade Certification Mark has met the rigorous Fairtrade Standards, which focus on improving labour and living conditions for farming communities and on promoting a way of farming that doesn’t harm either people or the environment.

Coffee for a Cause

Do good with every cup

JIVA Coffee collaborates with three local NGOs to raise funds through our ‘Coffee for a Cause’ programme. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of each packet of JIVA coffee is donated to social, educational and wildlife organisations. These include :

1. Families in Distress- Caritas
2. Childhood literacy- Ti Rayon Soleil
3. Local Wildlife- Mauritius Wildlife Foundation